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I've always wanted a career where I could make a difference and help people. I worked in many care-giving fields before finding my passion for facilitating healing in others; but I knew from the moment I started classes at East West College of the Healing Arts in Portland that bodywork was the path I wanted to follow. I feel honored that this is my calling and my career. As someone who has suffered with debilitating pain that has been relieved through bodywork, I'm excited to bring my knowledge and compassion for healing and educating people to my practice, because I want to help everyone improve their quality of life.



I believe that everything in the body is connected, and to find pain relief and increased mobility you need to address all issues that could be causing discomfort.  I incorporate both Eastern traditional practices and modern Western techniques to find a treatment best suited for each individual client. I use both a table and floor based treatments and I have found there are benefits to both types of bodywork. All bodies are great bodies and they all deserve the same level of care and attention. I welcome people of all shapes and sizes and from any background. My practice is inclusive and open to everyone.

Franciss Molina Tran ORLMT#25018

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